Sunday, October 28, 2012

Race Report: Toronto Women's Runs 5k, Take 3!

This Saturday I ran in my fourth Toronto Women's Runs event, which was my third 5k with them. (I ran a half marathon with them in May of this year.)

As usual, this was a very well done event. It's in Sunnybrook Park, which is easy to access via public transit and which is a lovely location to run in. The volunteers, including the firefighters working the water station, are friendly and energetic. The swag- this time a Mizuno headband and medal, plus a water bottle, small make up bag and other treats in our kit- is great. And after the race they have bagged snacks ready to go- a Clif bar, banana, chips, chocolate bar, etc.

Swag and sparkle. My favourite things. :-)

The route itself was the same route I have run twice before. It's an out and back in the park. It is mostly on a mixed use, paved path. There are two spots through parking lots that are always a bit hard hitting, the o e at the 1k and 4k mark being worse than the one at about the 2.5k point. My only goal for this race, going in with no focused training or preparation, was to run through the 1k/4k lot in both directions, which I did.

Time wise, I was secretly hoping to beat my current PB - 32:12, set at the Winterman 5k in February. But the weather was against me- rain, rain and more rain. The rain forced the path to narrow in several spots due to puddles, which caused bottlenecks, and generally hit me mentally, having never done a race the rain before. We arrived about 30 minutes before the start, so I was cold and wet even before I hit the starting line.

Waiting for the race to start!
In the end, I walked more than I planned to, and was not super happy with my performance because I know I could have pushed harder. I finished about mid way in the pack, which is better than my usual. I am guessing that's because of the lower turnout caused by the weather, more than by my speed which was not as fast as it could have been.

Overall it was a fun event, and I always enjoy heading back to the same race as a way to measure my progress. As usual, I would recommend this event to anyone- from newbies to elites and in rain or shine, Toronto Women's Runs puts on a solid race that everyone can enjoy.

Only one picture from after the race because
we were so wet! No hanging around this time!

This race made it very clear that I can't put off getting a rainy day running jacket any longer.  The jacket I wore in this race, that I was hoping would get me through rainy day training, was no good on race day or the last rainy day training run.  What do you wear on rainy days?  I'm considering the Running Room classic running jacket that everyone has.  Any other suggestions?

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