Friday, August 31, 2012

Fall Racing Plans

I will get into more details about all the things I've done to treat my injuries, but first I want to tell you where my Mizunos and I will be toeing start lines this fall! It's been WAY TOO LONG since I found myself at a starting line and I am getting antsy. At this point, I start trying to find a race anywhere in the weekends leading up to whatever race is next on my calendar. That's how I found myself at the Starbucks Women's 10k and the Winterman 5k. This time around I've had no such luck.

For me, my next race is the end of September- the Rock n Roll Montreal 10k. Though I am disappointed this isn't the half marathon I had planned, I am excited about the possibility of finally busting through the 1:10 mark. That might be slow to may of you but it's a huge goal for me!

After that comes the Toronto Women's Runs 5k at the end of October (unless I find something else in between!). I love this race series and it will be my fourth run with them. Some friends are coming from university to run and/or cheer, and I'm hoping to see old blog friends and maybe meet some new ones too! Let me know if you will be there. Not sure about my goals for this one yet- hopefully to kill it!

Lastly, I am considering running my first ever trail run. It's at a ski hill part way between Ottawa and Toronto and my brother is considering doing it and he thinks I should do it too. I've never done a trail run before and I have no idea how to prepare or whether it's even a good idea for me to attempt right now, or even simple things like should I get trail running shoes? Please share any tips or resources you have! It would be a 7.5k or 10k and the goals would be to finish and maybe even finish last to get that prize! The event sounds perfect for a first timer like me, with lots of fun awards.

As for this weekend, we're visiting friends in Toronto and I am going to see War Horse tomorrow. I brought my running stuff but the jury is out whether my shoes will be used for running or walking around The Ex on Sunday. With the half off my schedule, it's a relief to know I can enjoy either without guilt!


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Summer ate my blog.

Apparently my blog took a summer vacation like a kid in school. I didn't realize just how long it had been since I had posted until I logged onto blogger a week or so ago and saw that not only was my last post from June, but also I had comments on it waiting to be approved for months.

So what have I been up to for the past couple months? Sadly I have not been running nearly as much as you might be led to think by my most recent training plan. The ankle soreness that was bothering me after my last 10k turned into a very angry posterior shin splint. That, combined with a very hot summer here in Ottawa, caused my training to take a beating. First my planned 15k (A Midsummer Night's Run) was off the list then my September half turned into a 10k.

I've spent the summer seeing my amazing chiropractor on a weekly basis, getting close and personal with my stick and foam roller, icing like crazy and learning about the wonders of KT Tape (omg amazing). I also took a Chi running course. Just when my shin was getting better my IT band got angry. Recently I've tried new shoes (definitely working wonders!) and acupuncture (love it too). I think I am finally on the road to complete recovery, and will try and post more about all the things I've tried.

I must admit that I am much more excited about the prospect of maybe killing a 10k instead of slogging through a half with little training. I've also learned that a fall half marathon is probably never going to be a good idea if we stay I. Southern Ontario. Training in this weather is just too darn crazy. I definitely liked running long in the winter more than the summer.

Recently I've also started doing yoga again, which has probably also helped with the healing process. I've got to do yoga in beautiful places:

Like free yoga with Lululemon on Parliament Hill
And relatively cheap outdoor yoga with friends
I've also been running, although not as much as I had planned. And I've been running in beautiful places too:

It wasn't as ominous as it looks.
Here's to beautiful places and cooler temperatures hopefully around the corner, and much more of me in this little space. How's your summer been?